Websites design

Efficient websites


Our websites are custom developed with the best technologies for optimal results. Our priority is to offer the most pleasant navigation experience but also the most effective for the user.

Because a website should not only provide a visual experience but also a moment of successful interactions with the user.

We also take into account the systematic Search Engine Optimization issues in projects for our clients. The site tree and the structure of the HTML code are developed with a commitment to facilitating the work of indexing by search engines.

An independent customer


We have chosen to rely on free “opensource” and adaptive technologies and provide our clients with  established content management (CMS) tools such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Prestashop for online commerce.

A CMS allows you to edit your site online in minutes, using your regular browser, without a long learning process or installing specific software.

Thus, we guarantee our customers real autonomy in the daily management of the sites we develop for them. Because we believe that freedom is the foundation of the trust they place in us.

Sites for all media


Internet users connecting more and more often from their phone or tablet, websites must be able to adapt to new means of connection. Tactility or slow internet speed, each terminal has features and a screen resolution of its own, making the rendering different from the original site.

Our interfaces are thought for any type of media (computers, tablets, mobile phones). We believe that the content and services of our clients should be available to everyone and everywhere.

Graphic design

Creating your visual identity.


We deal with the creation of your logo, the graphic expression of your brand name.
It conveys the image and values ​​of your company. In addition to being creative, a logo must be recognizable, memorable and consistent with the market it’s affiliated to.

Thus, we then roll out your image with harmony and coherence on all printed materials you may need: business cards, brochures, presentations, posters, paper letterhead, stickers, etc…

Custom website design


The “Web design” is mainly the visible part of what makes up a site.
We graphically design site interfaces consistent with the visual identity of our clients and make creative proposals to achieve an aesthetic and ergonomic design.

Our priority is to create stylish and lightweight design for our websites through clean and powerful CSS3 HTML integration.




Kimag is also responsible for developing more complex applications, for uses other than the web :
Professional tools or applications that can be used for the commercial part of a company such as visual simulators, or project management features.

Web development


We develop animations in Flash or Javascript mostly to enrich the content of our web sites.
Due to the capacity of the web, we integrate all types of projects: banners, slideshows, interactive charts, etc…