Léa’s birth announcement – Flash animation and print – 2013  See the flash

Here you have the elaboration of an uncommon birth announcement : we were asked to tell a little story in animated flash.

So not much material to start with. The parents just wanted Bali (where they settled) to be mentioned  somewhere.

They had sent some pictures of representative things of Bali to their eyes, for example the Ulun Danu temple, the Balinese umbrella and frangipani flowers, among others …

Personal references were also required in this flash animation … That’s how we decided to illustrate both parents as cartoon characters :

Bebey is a former BMX champion and Lolo is a nurse.

This flash animation also has its counterpart in print … It was designed as a passport. The idea was easy to find … parents are globe-trotters, and just settled in Bali. They really wanted these elements to be present here too.

Skills used