LEAS – Website and visual guidelines – 2013  Visit the website

The LEAS company is a designer and manufacturer of electronic solutions for Industry, Research & Environment since 1980.

Their logo needed to evoke their various activities and mastered technologies, as well as their international span.

For this reason, one can notice in their visual, binary code, circuit boards integrated into the continents of the world map emitting waves (in relation to their business software for Seismological Research). Binary code is to be seen in the letters of the logo.

For their website, they wanted visually very dynamic pages, systematically integrating banners describing their areas of expertise. The homepage included a slideshow to highlight certain branches of industry.

The website also provides the possibility for LEAS customers to download software via secured access.

On the contact page, a “google map” was placed to easily locate the company premises and a form allows visitors to attach documents.

Skills used