Terres Péruviennes – Website – 2013  Visit the website

The travel agency “Terres Péruviennes”, French specialist for operating touristic tours in Peru, contacted us to completely renew and replace their website. For them, this is a major communicating tool with their customers and a significant showcase to convince them..

At first, coming our way, they wanted to modernize their image by asking us to redesign their logo. They were then convinced to not only simply redesign their website, but also totally rethink the idea of creating an attractive and a homepage full of information for the traveler.

The work on the photos was important, as much for their selection, as for editing and optimizing.

In the meantime, with the success of their agency, there has also had to deal with the preparation of material for various publications in travel guides (Routard, little smart, etc..), as well as business cards for each employee.

Skills used