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Antoine de Saint-Exupéry School – Website and visual guidelines – 2013-2014  Visit the website

We were lucky and happy to be selected to develop from the genesis of the project, the visual identity and website for a school.

The name of the school – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – was necessarily going to be decisive in the track for the visual identity that was to follow … The requirements were :

– That the environment of « The Little Prince » and of childhood were present – A world map with France and Peru being identifiable.

A great deal of work followed for communication by print media: business cards for all stakeholders, advertising brochures, posters, signboard, etc…, to promote the school before its opening in March 2014.

Of course, the pillar of their communication was based on a live website, allowing them to post key moments of the preparation before the start of classes.

But the website should not simply be used to communicate, but also be an active tool for teachers and school administration.

Thus, we developed for their back-office, functional features allowing them to manage students and transmit information to the parents via the website through private secure access.

Skills used